Air Cargo Security Courses - CASP, CO, COS

All staff with unescorted access identifiable secure air cargo will require training. Exactly which staff receive which level or module is down to the company to decide, based on their knowledge of the operation and the rules set in place by the CAA/DfT.

Who should attend?

  • CASP - Cargo Aviation Security Principles: for persons requiring general security awareness within air cargo, including drivers with specific responsibility for the safe transport of secure air cargo by road
  • CO - Cargo Operative: for staff implementing security controls for air cargo or mail at a regulated site, specifically those working in the warehouse of a regulated agent
  • COS - Cargo Operative Screening - Hand Search: intended for agent's staff undertaking screening of air cargo or mail by hand search
  • COS - Cargoo Operative Screening - X-ray - NXCT: intended for agent's staff undertaking screening of air cargo or mail by X-ray

Benefits of attending

Ensure compliance with CAA/DfT Regulations

Course content

CASP - Training is drawn from the relevant parts of modules 1 - 6 of the 'Regulated Agent' training syllabus

  • Module 1 - The Threat to Aviation
  • Module 2 - Aviation Security - Organisation and Legislation
  • Module 3 - Protecting Air Cargo - Warehouse
  • Module 4 - Protecting Air Cargo - Drivers
  • Module 5 - Protecting and Seaching Aircraft
  • Module 6 - Reacting to and Reporting of Suspicious Cicumstances and Security Incidents

CO - Modules 1 - 6 as above plus:

  • Module 7 - Security Controls for Air Cargo
  • Module 8 - Warehouse acceptance and Dispatch of Air Cargo
  • Module 9 - Prohibited Articles
  • Module 10 - Methods of Concealment

COS - Hand Search - Modules 1 - 10 as above plus:

  • Module 11 - Review of Screening Methods
  • Module 13 - Hand Search

Training is drawn from the relevant parts of modules 1 - 10, 11 and 13. Following a short theory session and written exam, all student will be required to demonstrate their understanding and ability to physically examine items of air cargo.

  • COS - X-ray screening - X-ray screening is Module 14 of the Air Cargi Security training syllabus. TrainingTeam only provide training on X-ray screening on-site using a client's own machine. The session comprises theory taught in the classroom followed by a hands-on session using the machine itself
  • The computer based National X-ray Competence Test (NXCT) can be conducted at either client's own site or on demand at our Gatwick office. The NXCT is valid for 13 months and all operational x-ray screeners MUST hold a current certificate

Course duration

CASP - Half day

CO - 1 day

COS Hand search - 1 day

COS X-ray - Call to discuss your requirements on 01293 989201


CASP - £120+VAT

CO - £185+VAT

COS - Hand search - £210+VAT

COS - X-ray - Call TrainingTeam to discuss price

These prices include tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.

Please notify us of any special requirements or access arrangements at the time of booking.

Booking and information

TPlease book this course directly through TrainingTeam on 01293 536943 or email