Safe Urban Driving

As the popularity of cycling soars, your drivers will have noticed a lot more bicycles on the road. Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and there are obvious dangers when bikes share the road with lorries. To tackle this issue, FTA has developed a brand new course in conjunction with Cycle Training UK (CTUK), Sustrans and the Public Health Agency (PHA) which will benefit your company’s reputation and is very cost-effective.

Safe Urban Driving is a best practice training programme for HGV drivers and companies, including commercial goods operators, to help prevent accidents with vulnerable road users in an urban environment. Most clients welcome working with companies who are proactive in ensuring their drivers have received training in this area. The course is also Driver CPC registered.

Half of the day involves theory training in a classroom with an FTA trainer with the other half of the day involving drivers getting on bikes to gain a cyclists perspective of riding on and sharing busy urban roads with commercial vehicles alongside two Sustrans trainers.

Benefits of attending

•Appreciate the issues faced by both professional drivers and vulnerable road users
•Know vehicle technology available
•Demonstrate good driving behaviour
•Improve road safety awareness
•Reduce the number of road incidents involving professional drivers and vulnerable road users

Course content

•How and why the streetscape is changing
•Identify road users who are vulnerable and why
•Review the professional driver’s responsibilities
•Gain experience of the issues faced by drivers and vulnerable road users
•Promote techniques and technology to improve road safety and promote industry image
•Promote positive attitude through reflection and critique to improve driving practices

Booking and information

Course duration

1 day (7 hours excluding lunch and breaks).
Maximum 20 delegates depending on facilities.

7 hours upload time is recorded on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency database for Driver CPC for this course.



£73 Excluding VAT


£73 Excluding VAT

There is an additional fee of £8.75 + VAT per delegate per seven hour block for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) upload, should this be required.
(May be subject to change at the discretion of DVSA)

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