Driver Assessments and Technical Training


Our assessment and technical courses are specifically designed to ensure your drivers are as responsible as possible, environmentally conscious, aware of health and safety requirements and know the importance of conducting vehicle checks to stay safe and cost efficient.

In addition, we offer a range of engineering courses which relay the importance of maintaining vehicles and identifying defects to increase the overall compliance of your operations and safety of your premises.

With FTA’s Assessment and Technical Training you benefit from:

  • promoting driving best practice and correcting unsafe habits on the road to ensure your drivers and vehicle fleet remain safe and cost efficient 
  • training carried out by engineering experts, utilising FTA’s unrivalled knowledge on the latest legislation requirements for safer, more reliable vehicles
  • a varied range of courses designed to up-skill and monitor workshop staff resulting in the overall technical compliance of your business and operational efficiency


 View FTA Driver Assessments and Technical Training courses: