Tachofta Compliance Award Winners 2009

Here’s a list of the winners of our 2009 Tachofta Compliance Awards. If you’d like to be considered for an award, please email Nick Hemmings at nhemmings@fta.co.uk.

Viridor, Burgess Hill, February 2009

Viridor's operating centres send FTA data on drivers' hours using digital and scanned information systems. Viridor has been using FTA to audit its analogue and digital driver records for the past year to ensure it meets the current stringent legal requirements.

As well as coming out top companywide, the Burgess Hill depot also demonstrated few infringements and faults, significantly below the national and waste management sector averages.

FTA's Alan Osborne said, "By the end of the monitoring period, Viridor's Burgess Hill depot had few working time infringements in comparison with the waste management sector's average of 0.35 per cent per chart/digital day, demonstrating its responsibility towards ensuring a safe operation."

Sita, Hayes depot, February 2009

SITA UK has operated for over 20 years as a waste recycling and waste management business with some 300 locations throughout the UK. During 2008 Sita made a smooth transition to FTA's Tachograph Analysis Service for both analogue and digital data.

The Tachofta Compliance Award was presented to Hayes depot who had had over 4,000 pieces of analogue and digital data for analysis and were exhibiting a low rate of infringements per trace.

Encon Insulation, Leeds, March 2009

Encon Insulation is a leading national distributor of insulation products to the construction industry and has more than 30 branches.

FTA's On Site Compliance Service has provided analysis information and on-site support for several years at over 25 Encon branches.

Barbara Sudlow, Encon's Facilities Manager at Wetherby, said “The integration of digital vehicles on the 144 commercial vehicle fleet has continuous support from FTA, and the challenge was embraced by the commitment from drivers.”

Encon Leeds and Nevill Long Leeds were the most consistent branches over the period and showed continuous improvement with a large mixed analogue and digital fleet.

Macfarlane Packaging, Bristol, March 2009

Macfarlane Packaging Bristol RDC is the leading UK distributor of packaging consumable products. It was rewarded for consistently demonstrating good compliance throughout 2008 in all areas of drivers' hours, tachograph legislation and systems.

Macfarlane Packaging has been using FTA's Tachograph Analysis Service for six years - both the visiting service and the postal service.

Dave Hartley, Logistics Manager of the Bristol RDC said, “I feel 100 per cent analysis gives me the complete picture to enable me to manage my drivers more effectively.”

Maritime Transport, Liverpool, April 2009

A leading UK container transport operator, Maritime Transport’s Liverpool depot won their award in recognition of improvements in standards relating to drivers' hours legislation.

Maritime has worked closely with FTA to manage driver tachograph infringements. Now with a full digital tachograph fleet, drivers download their cards on a weekly basis and managers can review the data almost immediately using FTA’s tailored management reports.

Operations Director Dave Boomer said, "With a fleet of 450 owned vehicles, compliance has to be an integral part of everything we do at Maritime. FTA, through its Tacho Analysis Service, plays an important role in ensuring that our drivers work within the drivers' hours legislation at all times."

Grundon Waste Management, Bishops Cleeve Depot, April 2009

Grundon Waste Management Ltd specialises in commercial and domestic waste and recycling collections.

FTA provides on-site tachograph analysis at nine depots across the UK, which includes a team of on-site compliance advisors visiting each depot on a regular basis to analyse and interprete tachograph data. This helps Grundon remain compliant with drivers' hours and tachograph legislation.

The compliance award was awarded to Bishops Cleeve depot in recognition of the greatest improvement made in the standard of tachograph records produced for analysis.

Greggs plc, Cambuslang Depot, May 2009

Using results delivered by FTA's Tachograph Analysis Service, the Greggs plc Cambuslang depot wins an award for consistent compliance in all areas of drivers’ hours and tachograph legislation.

Greggs plc uses FTA to analyse both analogue and digital data, and they’ve performed above the national average in all aspects of drivers’ hour’s infringements, driver faults, and working time infringements.

Dairy Crest, Southampton, July 2009

The Dairy Crest team at Stratton Road depot in Southampton were awarded the inaugural Dairy Crest/Tachofta Compliance Award.

Facing strong competition from other Dairy Crest depots, Southampton led the way across key areas, such as drivers' hours infringements, driver faults and working time infringements.

Overall, Dairy Crest as a business performed better than the national average in each of the above areas, so standards needed to be high to win this award.