The Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance and Directions


The Guidance and Directions advise the Traffic Commissioners as to how the Senior Traffic Commissioner expects the laws and regulations surrounding operator licensing to be interpreted. They are invaluable to industry and to FTA in helping operators to comply. In Summer 2015 the Senior Traffic Commissioner is holding a consultation on changes to the Guidance and Directions. More information on the current version of the Guidance and Directions can be found on the GOV.UK website.

The Senior Traffic Commissioner (STC) is currently consulting on proposed changes to the following documents (member password required).

Targeted consultation covering letter
Statutory Guidance and Directions – STC Summary of Changes
Statutory Document 0 – Introduction
Statutory Document 1 – Good Repute and Fitness
Statutory Document 2 – Finance
Statutory Document 3 – Transport Managers
Statutory Document 4 – Operating Centres
Statutory Document 5 – Legal Entities
Statutory Document 7 – Impounding
Statutory Document 8 – Delegations
Statutory Document 9 – Case Management
Statutory Document 10 – Principles of Decision Making
Statutory Document 11 – Format of Decisions
Statutory Document 12 – Appeals
Statutory Document 13 – Small PSV Operations

If you are an FTA member and have any queries relating to operator licensing, please contact the Member Advice Centre.