Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme

BridgestoneThe Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme is a voluntary initiative to record, report and reduce carbon emissions. It allows the UK logistics sector to publicly report, its contribution towards national carbon reduction targets.

Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme Report 2018
Incorporating an update to the seventh LCRS annual report, showing industry progress to reduce carbon emissions.

The Department for Transport has recently published its' Freight Carbon Review and has supported the work of the LCRS. 

Scheme benefits

  • It's free to join and is confidential
  • It helps companies to record and report carbon emissions from freight
  • It demonstrates your green credentials
  • It carries weight with the Government, sector trade associations and buyers of logistics services

How does it work?

We measure fuel usage and simple business activity data from members. This is aggregated to report a carbon footprint for the scheme each year.  Further information is covered in the LCRS Methodology.

Who can join?

The scheme is free to join and open to any company with at least one commercial vehicle. Currently,  over 125 companies covering over 87,000 commercial vehicles have joined.

How do I sign up?

If you'd like to join read our information pack then complete and return the LCRS declaration of intent. If you have any queries, please email carbon@fta.co.uk



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