Fuel price calculators

We've got two calculators to help you work out how a rise in fuel duty will affect you.

Fuel cost calculator

Download our fuel cost calculator (Excel spreadsheet)

This calculator provides information on vehicle operating costs for different vehicles types ranging from 3.5t gvw to 44t gvw. Fuel accounts for around 30 per cent of vehicle operating costs for artics. You can calculate the effect of increases in fuel prices on vehicle operating costs by changing the cost of fuel on the calculator (in cells L24 and M24 of the calculator above).

In addition, you can change any of the information in the blue cells to suit your fleet and this will also automatically update the table of vehicle operating costs. Download the fuel cost calculator

Operating costs calculator

You can use the calculator below to work out the impact of an increase in fuel duty on the cost of operating your vehicles. Simply complete the four different fields. The next fuel duty increase is due in April 2018 and will be outlined in the Autumn 2017 Budget.


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