How we represent you

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How does FTA represent my company's best interests?

Ever since 1889 we've been representing the needs and views of the logistics industry at local and national level. We now also represent the British transport industry at European level.

So whether it's educating Government ministers about the importance of freight, influencing transport legislation or raising the profile of freight in the national press, we're committed to representing your best interests.

What does FTA campaign on?

We campaign on issues that are important to you, such as highlighting the impact of Government taxes on struggling businesses, or educating road users about safely interacting with heavy goods vehicles.

For more information, take a look at our recent campaigns

What successes has FTA achieved for its members?

Here are a few recent successes FTA has achieved for the logistics industry: 

  • Expansion of Heathrow – after many years of FTA lobbying the Government has given the go-ahead for expansion of Heathrow Airport an essential decision for air cargo customers and the UK freight industry
  • Maritime price signaling – 15 shipping lines were involved in an EU inquiry initiated by FTA and all agreed in February to cease announcement of general rate increases – instead publishing actual prices to customers on an individual basis
  • Private testing of HGVs – following sustained pressure from FTA on behalf of members, Government’s 2016 Motoring Services Strategy committed to investigate ‘mixed economy’ delivery of the HGV annual test
  • Driver medicals – the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has adopted many of the measures proposed by FTA on behalf of members to enhance and improve the delivery of services to vocational driving licence holders who are subject to medical review, including: a redesign of form D4; a fast track process for vocational licences; and, retraining staff to lower the number of incorrectly referred applications
  • Operation Stack lorry area gets go-ahead - the Government has confirmed that it will proceed with plans for a lorry area near junction 11 of the M20 to accommodate Operation Stack when there is disruption to cross-Channel services. The chosen site – Stanford West – is the one that FTA has supported as it will have direct access to and from the M20
  • Plug-in grant now opened up to HGVs - electrically powered freight vehicles above 3.5 tonnes will now be supported by the Government’s Plug-in grant scheme, with the Government pledging £4 million towards grants of up to £20,000 per vehicle. FTA has continually called on the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to extend this much-needed financial support to help operators make the switch to alternative fuels and low carbon technology

You can view the 2016 policy achievements here.

How can I get my views on the industry heard?

We hold Freight Councils which are your opportunity to get involved in future policy decision-making. These democratic meetings are held quarterly in 12 regions throughout the UK and are your chance to:

  • influence FTA's policy agenda to address your company's needs
  • learn about upcoming Government business opportunities and threats
  • network with other FTA members

Learn more about FTA's Freight Councils

How can I find out more information?

For more information on FTA campaigns and how we represent our members, contact a member of media team.