Olympics legacy

olympic_100mDuring the summer of 2012, the logistics faced one of the biggest challenges in our nation's history –  to deliver the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It welcomed the challenge and industry's achievements across the 2012 Games have been heralded as a national success, with FTA and Transport for London (TfL) recognising teamwork as being at the heart of the Olympics Legacy for the freight industry.

Reported in the FTA document Logistics Legacy – Celebrating logistics achievement and innovation during Summer 2012, the close collaboration between London Government and London businesses has been a feature repeatedly cited by many contributors.

Described as a celebration of the success of the Games, the Logistics Legacy document acknowledges that much of the outstanding success of the London 2012 experience is owed to the meticulous advanced planning and commitment of numerous individuals across Government and industry that ensured London’s supply chains delivered the goods and services required.

The staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games during the summer of 2012 presented challenges of huge complexity and uncertainty for everyone involved in supplying and servicing the city of London. Not only did logistics have to supply the Olympic venues and other Games facilities, but keep London functioning as a world business centre and home to a population of 10 million people during the staging of the two biggest sports events on earth.

With an average of 265,000 freight vehicles visiting the capital daily and having to tackle the 109 mile Olympic Route Network in order to make deliveries, collaboration, understanding and flexibility were needed from all sides and according to the Logistics Legacy report this was exactly what happened.

An additional illustration of the industry working together was through a project of filmed reports involving DHL, TfL and FTA. Prior to, during and following the Games, the organisations worked together to produce a series of films depicting the expectations, experiences and lessons learnt from the Olympics and Paralympics. Visit FTA's YouTube channel here to view the films.