How can logistics companies benefit from carbon reduction and reporting? by Tanja Wenmann, PTV Group

Posted on: Thursday, 25 June 2015 by Jackie Langridge

At FTA’s Carbon Conference in May, the PTV Group was the official sponsor of the Smaller Fleet Operator of the Year Award. As transportation management software providers, PTV Group solutions enable transport logistics companies worldwide not only to save money by supporting tactical and operational planning, but also to provide a complete new range of sustainable and eco-friendly logistics services.

To affirm its position as an expert, PTV also gave a workshop session at the conference concerning CO2-free city logistics in cooperation with Dr. Jacques Leonardi, Senior Research Fellow for Transport Studies at the University of Westminster.

The output of that workshop and the question ‘how can the transport industry meet the ambition to reduce carbon and what actions have to be taken?’ are detailed in PTV’s new White Paper.
The paper ‘How do you cut costs by cutting carbon?’ can be downloaded free at:

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