Olympic Games – on your marks – get set – go!

Posted on: Friday, 13 July 2012 by Julie Maddocks

Is it just me or has the British Media gone into hyper drive digging up as many negative stories as they can now we're in the two-week countdown to the Olympics?

Whether it's cracks on the M4, worries over sufficient security measures, confusion for commuters at the capitals railway stations or, of course, predicted travel chaos?

The old adage of ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ springs to my mind, but despite all the negative press which has swamped the papers this week, I for one think that FTA members deserve a huge slap on the back and congratulations on their plans and preparations ahead of the Games.

Just as the athletes have been in training for the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, so has the logistics industry, with most putting contingency plans in place in order that they continue to deliver to their customers.

There’s no doubt that things will be very different during the Olympics, but FTA believes that the freight and logistics industry is well prepared for the Games and most would be hard pushed to do more forward planning in order to keep on running.

To help ensure that those plans are supported throughout the event, FTA is offering all sorts of help through its Olympics site, which has everything from a dedicated Olympic Advisor in its Member Advice Centre, regular traffic information, and links to its free mobile phone app.

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