What is Vision?

Vision is the ultimate tool for all managers. Engineered by our in-house, industry-leading developers, the exclusive, cloud-based platform provides all the management information you need to ensure you are on top of your compliance, whilst saving time and helping to prioritise business decisions.

Vision is designed to become the home of all of FTA's customer software solutions and so far includes vehicle inspections and our tachograph analysis offering. 

Vehicle Inspection Services

The Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS) function of Vision, exclusively available for those with VIS contracts, visionis accessed through a secure online portal and provides a clear view of your vehicle inspection reports. Intuitive, interactive reporting functionality allows for quick and easy interrogation of reports from a ‘dashboard’ overview to the finer detail, enabling you to access reports at the click of a button and making it easier to identify potential issues with either the maintenance provider or driver defect reporting.

Options also include the benchmarking of your company results by sector and national averages. Trends and performance can also be highlighted with relation to depots, manufacturer, vehicle type, model or driver plus much more. 



"VIS dashboards are a big step in the right direction. This new 'tool' brings VIS more up-to-date and future-proofed."
Hanson Buildings

Key benefits for VIS users of Vision:

Keeps you compliant

  • Provides quick and easy pinpointing of areas that require attention
  • Highlights staff training requirements
  • Quality monitors your maintenance providers

Saves time

  • Reports are in one place and accessible by the touch of a button
  • Online service eliminates the delay in waiting for reports
  • The intuitive drill-down service makes finding reports faster and easier

Prioritises business decisions

  • Benchmark your operation or various aspects of it nationally, by sector and by company
  • Enables understanding of which areas of the business would benefit from further attention

Debrief_module_3Tachograph analysis 

Whether you are operating analogue, digital or mixed fleets, there are a variety of reporting solutions to suit you.

Vision provides a range of reports that allow you to drill down from a high level overview of the company to compliance by depot and even to the daily detail of individual drivers. Starting with the company overview on the real-time dashboard, a range of high level reports are available which can then be broken down into numerous other reports for even greater detail.

Key benefits for tachograpgh users of Vision:

  • Provides a range of new reports, saving you time manually producing them
  • 24/7 access allows for quick drilling down through reports to the detail you need
  • Reduces the risk of infringements
  • Quick and easy reporting pinpoints areas that require attention
  • Identifies drivers that need further training
  • Improves understanding of reports through online explanation, support and tips
  • Prioritises business decisions
  • Allows for clear monitoring of the effectiveness of your compliance systems and procedures
  • Identifies the effectiveness of any training courses that may have been provided
  • Enables benchmarking against trends to highlight areas for company attention and improvement
  • Provides flexibility
  • Exports and manipulates the data at a detailed level to suit your requirements
  • Choose from various levels of information including area, region or business unit, with the ability to customise dashboard reports and set your own parameters
  • Seamlessly merges analogue and digital data into one comprehensive report


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