Driver Debrief sign off

Posted on: Thursday, 22 February 2018

Customers of Vision have been asking us to provide a feature that gives an option for both the person carrying out the debrief and the driver to be able to add a sign off for their debrief on screen therefore saving on storage of paper reports.
This feature is available to debrief users provided that the driver will give access to their email address.

How to use the Debrief sign off:
• Carry out the debrief as normal.
• You will notice that there is now a fourth stage to the debrief:

Page 3 to 4

• Click next to take you to the debrief sign off

E signiture page

• First click the declaration, and then select “E Signature” .
• If the driver has not provided an email address for previous debriefs or has not signed up to the Driver App this box will be empty. Simply add in the drivers email address.
• If the driver changes their address simply re type the new address. The software will remember the last email typed in subsequent debriefs

.• If the driver does not have an email address or does not want to share it select “physical signature” and sign off as normal.
• Click finish debrief.
• An email will automatically be sent to the driver including the areas documented in the debrief:

debrief email 1





















• When the email has been sent the drivers debrief archive will highlight that the report is pending an electronic signature:

Pending sign off

• Once the driver clicks the red sign off button on their email, an electronic signature will be added to the debrief report:

Report signed off

• If the driver does not sign off the report within 5 days you will receive a new driver alert:


• Click the notification to take you to the alert page where you can remove the requirement to add an E signature or you can resend the email.

Alert page

• The alert will only be removed if you click “Cancel E-signature” or the driver signs the debrief electronically. Re-sending the email does not remove the alert from the alerts page.