Reporting gaps between traces

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 January 2018

This amendment is to ensure analysis is kept in line with Council Regulation (EEC) No. 3821/85

Article 15(2) refers to the drivers’ obligation to complete a full and accurate record of their working day. Drivers must use the recording equipment from the moment they take over the vehicle and make a record of the whole of their daily working period – including any duty time that may have taken place before they had access to the vehicle and recording equipment together with any other periods of shift taken away from the vehicle.

In response to this we are releasing an enhancement to the driver card import process which will provide improved information relating to any gaps in traces that can occur between vehicle changes or where a driver has removed a card and reinserted it without explanation. These changes will take place affecting traces on and after 5th March 2018.

Where there are gaps of less than 5 minutes, these will be highlighted by a comment. This comment will display on the drivers daily weekly report, but will not incur a fault code.

Gaps of 5 minutes and over will incur an R3 fault code. This infringement has a fixed penalty of £200 and the fault will contribute to the drivers’ overall performance results.

The images below demonstrate how this information will be displayed:

Example  where gap is less than 5 minutes:

comment day deatil  Example of gaps of 5 minutes or over that include an R3 fault code:

R3 code

You can search for drivers that have record keeping infringements on the Manage my drivers page by ticking this section in the “Search”options. This will identify drivers who have incurred an R3 infringement in the period selected which will support in targeting training requirements: