Holding Area

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Holding area is designed to give you more control over your new driver and vehicle data. When new drivers or vehicles are uploaded to Vision these details will stay in the holding area until a person with the appropriate permission allocates the correct location, type and start date.

Please be aware when a driver or vehicle’s data is in the Holding area, the data won’t be displayed in Vision and won’t be analysed. This could lead to inaccurate reporting so it is imperative that data held here is allocated.

The home page now includes a Holding area icon at the top of the page. Clicking here shows you how many vehicles and drivers are held in the Holding area and links you straight to the alert page so that you can release them to Vision for analysis.

 New icon 3

You can also click on the red tiles on the Home page to access the Holding area alert page or on the red tiles that will appear on the bottom of the main Vision pages


Driver alertClick “allocate” to assign the data and save it to Vision adding the correct information to the fields highlighted in red.

If the driver does not belong to your company click the drop down and select “not my company’s driver” to remove the details.

Holding 4

Link to vehicleYou can link to either driver or vehicle holding area by clicking the button at the top of the page

When allocating a new vehicle complete the fields highlighted in red as these are all mandatory.

allocate vehicleThere are also new options for “ownership”. This field will default to “owned” but can be edited to any of the following options:

• Hired
• Loaned
• Leased
• Sold
• Returned to lender

Once your information for either new drivers or new vehicles has been added, select “save”. This data will be removed from the Holding area and will appear in Vision.

The Holding area tile will remain visible regardless of whether you have new drivers or vehicles awaiting allocation:
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