Manage my fleet

Posted on: Monday, 20 February 2017

The Manage my vehicles page has been updated, redesigned and renamed Manage my fleet (MMF). 
The changes have been introduced to incorporate more services, and to make it easier to navigate between each one.

When you open the Manage my vehicles screen you’ll see a new banner at the top of it
Click “Switch to preview version” which will display the new screen.

 Switch to MMF

The page can be used as normal. If at any point you want to go back to using the old version click “switch back to original” shown in the banner at the top of the page. Any data added and saved in Manage my fleet will also be available in the Manage my vehicle screen.

You will see all the services included in the MMF page displayed at the top of the page. You will only be able to access those that you have permission to see.

 Services 2

To view vehicle details for a particular service, click the service option.

Search selection
Each service uses a similar format to narrow your search to view specific locations, vehicle types or a specific vehicle. Locations and vehicles available are relevant to the service selected.

To amend your locations, click location, select none and then select the location or locations you wish to view.

 Tacho locations.2

Once you have made your selection click away from the location screen to close it.

Search options have been updated in these pages and now include the following “asset ownership” options:
Owned- Core vehicles that already exist on Vision will now be shown as owned
Hired- Hire vehicles that already exist on Vision will continue to be shown as Hire
Returned to lender
New ownership icons depict the different options and are displayed adjacent to the vehicle registration column and are explained in the glossary.
Ownership icons









Asset status has been updated as follows:

Active- Active vehicles that already exist on Vision will continue to be shown as active
Inactive- Inactive vehicles that already exist on Vision will continue to be shown as inactive
Vehicle off road (VOR)- Away vehicles that already exist on Vision will be shown as vehicle off road
The options selected will be displayed on the page and can be edited by selecting the “X”

Selected types

To select a specific vehicle, type in the registration or the fleet number in the search box provided:

Search vehicle

The date range of the information you are viewing can be amended by clicking the arrows next to the date. Alternatively you can select a specific date by clicking the calendar icon to open it . To reset the date to the current period select "reset"

 Please note: each service displays the data in a different calendar format
Tacho Data shows each square as a single day
Maintenance data has a square per week.
PCN has a square per 4 week period.
The weeks are numbered according ISO.

The buttons available on the screen will vary according to the service selected.

Detail- available in the Tacho data view only. Select a day, click detail to open the day detail view. Alternatively you can double click the square to view the day detail

Reports- available in the Tacho data view. Choose from Harsh braking, Vehicle download report or vehicle driving time- card exception report. Reports are displayed for the data selected.

Overview- Shown in all screens but displays the PCN overview only

Glossary - Shown in all screens. The content of the key will vary according to the service selected.

Pages are turned by using the selection tool to the right of the buttons

The information for the service selected is displayed in the squares.
When viewing tacho data, double clicking the square takes you to a day detail page.

Day detail

When viewing PCN or Maintenance data when you double click the square it will take you to the calendar view.


You can access the vehicle profile giving you details of a specific vehicle, by clicking the vehicle icon or the vehicle calendar by selecting the calendar icon both of which are adjacent to the vehicle registration

 profile and calendar




The profile icon will vary according to the asset type selected
Profile icons













Columns displayed adjacent to the data are all sortable from highest to lowest or vice versa.


We are keen to know what you think of this new page so have added a “Feedback” button