Driver Performance pages

Posted on: Thursday, 3 September 2015

 Visionfta now has a brand new feature that reports on drivers performance across a number of KPI’s measured over a rolling 12 month period. This new feature, will help you monitor your drivers’ standards across several areas including, Average drivers hours infringements, Average MSI’s and Average OCRS points. You can access the performance page via the driver profile where you will see the drivers’ position in both company and depot as well as being able to view their results as an A to G rating. 

Each KPI has a national, sector, and company benchmark to help you decide which rating is set against which value range. This can be set up in house by a nominated person.

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The new leader board can be found via the driver performance page or by clicking the Leader board button on Manage my drivers. A list of all the drivers that you have responsibility for will be ranked from best to worst based on their overall rating. All the columns can be sorted and you can carry out searches to show specific drivers, specific locations or driver types.  For full details and to enable permissions contact 

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