Roaming Driver reporting and Drivers hours adjustments

Posted on: Friday, 5 December 2014

Roaming Driver Reports

This new set of reports should be used by companies with core drivers that regularly work at different depots or locations within that company
The roaming reports are designed to display only those activities that the driver has undertaken for that depot/ location. The information shown on the report is determined by the upload location set against their data. To get access to these reports and for full details contact

Driver's Hours Adjustments

This new permissions based feature in Visionfta allows you to adjust the drivers’ hours’ allocated to an entry. This option is particularly useful where you have drivers that work under mixed rules, for example, UK domestic on one day and EU on another. Once you have the appropriate permissions this feature allows you to retrospectively adjust the hours assigned to the entry and will instantly re analyse the data against the new set of rules.

To have permissions enabled and for full details contact 

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