Tanker inspections and certification service

Our tanker inspection and certification service is an in-depth examination of your tankers and any associated equipment.

The inspections - designed to increase safety and reduce your maintenance costs - follow current road transport regulations for dangerous goods movement.

What does the service involve?

Our comprehensive tanker inspection incorporates:

  • a leakproof and tightness test
  • low pressure oxygen-free nitrogen to fill the tank
  • an examination to identify any leaks in the tank and ancillaries
  • a comprehensive 31-point check on the safety and integrity of the remainder of the tank and its associated equipment

Following the inspection, we’ll provide you with a certificate and certification plate / relevant stamp

Regular tank inspections

Regular inspections ensure your tankers remain compliant in between the periodic examinations test. These inspections include a 31-point check of the tank and related equipment.

How do I find more information?

You can download our commercial vehicle fleet management brochure (PDF). Alternatively please get in touch