Tanker inspections

FTA can provide comprehensive examinations of tankers and their associated equipment in accordance with the current road transport regulations for dnagerous goods movement. They help support a robust tank maintenance system, checking components which are often overlooked during regular preventitive mainteneance such as tank openings and valves.

Your legal obligations

The schedules of the current road transport regulations for dangerous goods movment require that all dangerous substance tankers have a periodic or intermediate examination at specific intervals and tank documentation is retained for the life of the tank. 

Additionaly tankers must undergo an extra annual test over and above the normal heavy goods vehicle roadworthiness test, an ADR test, to ensure they comply with part 9 of the European Agreement concering the ADR.

If loading in a participant terminal, additionally tankers require a UK petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA) / Tank Storage Association (TSA) Safe Loading Pass Scheme inspection at six-monthly intervals and display a pass to gain access to the terminal.

What does the service involve?

Tanker testing elements


How do I find more information?

You can download our Vehicle Inspection Service brochure here, where you can find more information on Tanker Inspection and Certifcation Service on page 12. Alternatively please get in touch