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FTA's new Audit of Systems for Maintaining Roadworthiness (ASMR) and Audit of Vehicle Maintenance Records (AVMR) ensures your operation has the complete structure in place, from board level right through to the vehicle record. 

Your corporate DNA structure forms a fundamental part of your organisation, essential in your day-to-day functions and the backbone of your company. However, when strands become damaged it leaves the structure vulnerable and this can have a detrimental effect across a variety of essential systems. Could your business withstand this should it happen to systems you have in place for the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicles?

Why do I need a Roadworthiness Audit?

Poorly maintained vehicles and trailers attract penalties, cause delays and reflect badly on the reputation of the operator, its organisation and customers and causes the organisation’s structure to breakdown.

• Operators have a legal obligation under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to ensure their vehicles comply with construction and use regulations.
- Consequences range from fines and fixed penalties to manslaughter charges and imprisonment in extreme cases
• Operator licence holders have an obligation to ensure vehicles and trailers are fit for service at all times. Failure to do so could result in having the licence revoked suspended, or curtailed
• Employers must ensure equipment is safe and others are not harmed or adversely affected by their activities

Audit of Systems for Maintaining Roadworthiness (ASMR)

The Audit of Systems for Maintaining Roadworthiness (ASMR) by FTA is a central systems audit that focuses on management processes from board level down. ASMR comprehensively maps an organisation’s systems to the 100 recommendations in the ‘Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness’. This audit provides bespoke recommended actions and example solutions to keep your structure healthy at every level.

What are the benefits?

• Highlights any requirements to action to adhere to your legal obligations and meet recognised industry standards
• Offers example solutions
• Provides complete transparency in your organisation’s systems when accidents occur
• Gives you peace-of-mind in your structural corporate DNA
• Focuses on the management processes essential to compliance
• Save time when applying for, amending or renewing your operators’ licence

Audit of Vehicle Maintenance Records (AVMR)

The Audit of Vehicle Maintenance Records (AVMR) is a local records audit that follows the maintenance records from planning to defect rectification. AVMR maps to 34 recommendations from the ‘Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness’ where day-to-day implementation is necessary. To reflect the size of your fleet, there are two AVMR options – large (more than five vehicles) and small (up to and including five vehicles). The duration of this audit depends on a number of factors and could mean up to a day on site. The auditor will obtain information about the operation at the start of the audit and identify suitable vehicles that may be used for sampling purposes throughout, in addition to random sampling where necessary.

What are the benefits?

• Indicates how well systems are being implemented on a day-to-day basis
• Ensures that the maintenance process is followed from planning to defect rectification
• Maps to recommendations in the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness
• Information is electronically captured and reported through FTA’s Vision system*
• Provides detailed and comprehensive results
• Offers recommendations for any non-compliant areas

How do i find out more?

Get in touch today to find out how you can raise the standard of your operations roadworthiness systems and form the complete structure.
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