Passenger carrying vehicle inspections

Our passenger carrying vehicle inspection service covers vehicles such as coaches, buses and minibuses. It's designed to assist with the effective management of your fleet.

Why do I need to inspect my vehicles?

You should regularly inspect your vehicles to:

  • ensure compliance with the latest legislation
  • reduce the risk of defects that could cause accidents
  • save money on costly repairs that occur when defects are left
  • help reduce prohibitions such as graduated fixed penalties (GFPs) and Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) points

What inspections are available?

All our inspections are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and they’re available nationwide. You can choose from the following inspections.

Roadworthiness inspections - these report on defects that could affect the safety, legality or reliability of your vehicle before the next scheduled inspection.

Maintenance inspections - these in-depth visual examinations build upon the roadworthiness inspections to give you valuable insights into maintenance standards and the general care of the vehicle.

Pre-purchase inspections - these provide information on the condition of a vehicle before you buy. You’ll receive a full maintenance inspection, a standard road and brake test, plus a report on the details of the vehicle such as test certificate details and tyre types.

End-of-lease inspections - these provide an objective third-party report on the condition of vehicles before they’re returned. Our reports will highlight areas that require repair before the vehicle is returned.

Due diligence inspections - these examine the condition of a vehicle fleet or assess its financial value in the event of a takeover or merger.

Lifting equipment inspections - these full visual examinations are available as an addition to your roadworthiness or maintenance inspections. They focus on the operation and mechanics of lifting equipment such as wheel chairlifts.

What audits are available?

An effective auditing procedure will give you confidence in your operation’s efficiency and compliance and will highlight areas for improvement.

Vehicle maintenance systems audit - this audit covers the systems and procedures you have in place to deal with seven key areas of your vehicle maintenance arrangements, including driver walk around checks, defect reporting, facilities and safety inspections.

Driver walk around check audits - an independent stop and search at random on vehicles that are about to exit your premises to show vehicle compliance, monitoring of your drivers’ competency and to highlight further training requirements.

Find out about our first class management information

To help you in the effective management of your fleet Visionfta provides online interactive inspection reports that help you quickly and easily keep on top of your fleets' compliance. Reports can cover a range of areas, including safety defects, comparisons by depot, component and sector. Our reports let you:

  • quickly pinpoint safety, legal or maintenance issues
  • compare your operation with industry standards
  • measure the impact of changes you've implemented

For those who use our tachograph services, Visionfta can also act as a portal to your tachograph and drivers' hours compliance also.

Training your staff in maintenance

We offer a number of training courses to help your staff ensure effective maintenance. Courses include:

  • Specialist Inspection Training
  • Categorisation of Defects Training
  • Driver Walk Around Check Training

Learn more about FTA training

How do I find out more information?

You can download our passenger carrying vehicle inspection brochure (PDF). Alternatively please get in touch

* Calls may be recorded for training purposes