Gate Exit Check Inspections

Walk Around_0009FTA`s Gate Exit Checks provide a stop and check audit on vehicles leaving your premises, ensuring complete peace of mind that this area of your maintenance system is compliant. These checks identify any potential driver walk around check issues and the need for any driver related training.

FTA’s Vehicle Inspection Service carries out over 100,000 vehicle inspections per year. Research shows us that over 55 per cent of safety related defects found by FTA engineers are driver reportable. In the instance that your vehicles are pulled over at roadside checks, any driver detectable safety related defects that are present carry significant penalties and even immediate prohibitions.

What does a Gate Exit Check inspection include?

  • Independent inspections carried out by a highly skilled FTA engineer
  • Drivers defect reporting system audited on every vehicle inspected
  • A full report identifying any defects found, all in line with DVSA’s categorisation of defects
  • The inspections can be tailored around your business needs either in the morning or when vehicles return

How would it benefit me? 

  • Reduced risk of roadside breakdowns and prohibitions issued
  • Fewer points against your Operator Compliance Risk Score
  • A significant improvement in driver defect reporting
  • Confidence in your fleets compliance

How do I find out more information?

Please contact us for more information