TP16 Van

Van drivers are vital to the UK economy in every way imaginable.

The van sector has grown into a substantial part of the motor industry and very much under the spotlight for the general public, legislators and law enforcers.

We all ‘need’ vans but not everyone ‘loves’ vans. Indeed there is much debate about the way they are driven and their impact on congestion.

It is against this background that a number of Van Excellence Accredited Operators have created meaningful training standards by which the entire industry can be measured.

The aim is to raise standards of van operations, large and small, and to improve the van industry image by setting good examples.

With FTA’s Van Excellence training you benefit from:

  • an excellent standard of industry recognised training
  • training delivered by industry experts
  • an industry-recognised accreditation scheme providing transferable skills
  • courses designed to up-skill managers, supervisors and drivers in overall compliance across your organisation to increase operational efficiency
  • flexible training delivery options


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