In-company Training

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Our trainers travelling to you not only eliminates the expenditure and time allowances for staff travel, but provides enhanced flexibility and significant cost savings in comparison to staff attending individual public courses.

Why choose in-company training?

  • Value for money - With up to 29 per cent cost savings on the price of public courses†
  • Convenience - With on-site training eliminating the need for expenditure and time allowances for staff travel
  • Consistency - FTA’s Quality Assurance (QA) processes ensure standardised delivery across the UK – crucial for evaluating training effectiveness and promoting excellence
  • Flexibility - An element of content control increases relevancy and alignment with your systems and policies – and the option of bespoke training is available to match your business objectives
  • High standards - With our expert trainers using their wealth of experience to tailor courses to your company needs and requirements
  • Business insight - With Management Information (MI) reports which identify potential further training needs and gaps in knowledge

Contact us to discuss in-company training by email or call 08717 11 22 22*.