ADR Initial

All drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods, within scope of the ADR provisions, must attend a Department for Transport approved basic training course in order to be legally qualified to transport such loads. ADR INitial qualifies for up to 28 hours Driver CPC.

Who should attend?

  • Drivers in-scope of ADR

Benefits of attending

  • Satisfies legal responsibilities in respect of the carriage of dangerous goods

Course content

The courses equip drivers with information so that they:

  • Are aware of the hazards arising in the carriage of dangerous goods
  • Are aware of dangerous goods legislation
  • Can take steps to reduce the likelihood of an incident taking place
  • Can take all necessary measures for their own safety and that of the public and the environment
  • Can limit the effects of any incident that does occur 
  • Have an understanding of the actions to take in the event of an incident


Attendance on an ADR Initial course will include a formal exam for each of the modules required. The Driver Training Certificate (DTC) is then issued by SQA to the driver between four and six weeks after the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) the exams have been taken.

Course duration

Basic 4 day course

  • Core module
  • Packages module
  • Class 2 – Flammable and non-flammable gases
  • Class 3 – Flammable liquids
  • Class 4 – Flammable substances
  • Class 5 – Oxidising agents/organic peroxides
  • Class 6 – Toxic and infectious substances
  • Class 8 – Corrosives
  • Class 9 – Miscellaneous substances

5 day course

All of the 4 day content plus Road Tanker module. 


4 day (Packages) Course

This course includes Core, Packages and all classes (except class 1 and 7). Price includes all exams and 21 hours DCPC.

Members £572+VAT

Non-members £715+VAT

5 day (Packs and tanks) Course

This course includes Core, Packages and all classes (except class 1 and 7). Price includes all exams and 28 hours DCPC.

Members £679+VAT

Non-members £848.75+VAT


Booking and information

This course is also available as an in-company option.  For more information please email or call 03717 11 22 22.

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