Driver and Tachograph Systems Management Audit

What is a Driver and Tachograph Systems Management Audit?

Our Driver and Tachograph Systems Management Audit provides you with detailed checks on the systems you have in place to deal with driver management, drivers’ hours compliance and working time rules. The audits are designed to ensure your maximum compliance and working efficiency.

How does the audit work?

FTA’s compliance advisors carry out bespoke checks - tailored to your business - which follow the same structure as those carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). A typical audit covers:

  • driver compliance and training
  • record management
  • management of working time
  • agency drivers
  • driving entitlement
  • data analysis

What are the benefits?

The audit has the following advantages.

  • Increased compliance – checks that your procedures follow the latest regulations and highlights areas for improvement
  • Peace of mind – you know your systems are audited in line with DVSA’s recommendations
  • Increased business efficiency – helps you implement action plans for driver training and improving working processes

How do I find more information?

Contact us for more information on how our audits can increase your compliance and operational efficiency.