Tachograph on-site Compliance Service

What is the On-site Compliance Service?

Our On-site Compliance Service involves an experienced compliance advisor visiting your business and providing you with any number of services to help support your tachograph administration and compliance. You can choose for your advisor to visit your premises at a time and frequency that is convenient for you.

How does the On-site Compliance Service work?

Choose from the following services for the upmost support with your tachograph compliance and administration:

  • Interpretation of analysis reports
  • Setting up and monitoring company driver management systems
  • Driver licence check systems
  • Administration of training records
  • Chart administration support
  • Digital card uploads and monitoring of records
  • Support when introducing digital vehicles
  • Presentations to drivers and management

What are the benefits?

The on-site service has the following advantages:

  • Reduces costs – no need to train or hire permanent staff for tachograph compliance
  • Increases compliance – your fully trained advisor carries out procedures in line with the latest regulations
  • Relieves workloads – staff can focus on other activities while you remain organised and compliant
  • Provides flexibility – you can choose bespoke options tailored to your operation

How do I find more information?

Please contact us to find out how our on-site team can assit your operation in remaining compliant.