Tachograph analysis

What is Tachograph services?

FTA's tachograph services provides you with the complete bespoke solution to suit your needs and ensure you stay compliant with the latest tachograph regulations. 

Our market-leading tachograph analysis software, powered by Vision, is designed to assist all tachograph customers with intricate tachograph analysis. 

What tachograph services are available?


Cutting-edge tachograph analysis software, powered by Vision designed to assist all tachograph customers with intricate tachograph analysis.  Find out more

 Tachograph analysis 

Upload digital data, scan or post analogue charts and Tacho will analyse and interpret your data, providing you with detailed reports in a format that suits you. Find out more

Our unique On-site Compliance Service

We provide you with interpretation and solutions at your premises to keep you compliant. Find out more


Tachograph systems audit

Detailed checks on your tachograph systems to ensure efficiency and compliance. Find out more


FTA Gateway

Manage your tachograph reports online using our interactive reporting service. Find out more


 Vision help and advice  

These help pages are designed to give you a brief tour around the site.  Find out more


Why choose FTA's tachograph services?

  • The full package  Tacho can offer you the full solution to meet your business requirements at any level including full contract managed services, a complete suite of dynamic reports and benchmarking.
  • Our software – our cutting-edge tachograph analysis software, powered by Vision is cloud-based meaning  anyone can quickly and securely analyse and/or process data.
  • Compliance confidence – tachograph compliance solutions from an organisation that understands logistics. Tacho has over 30 years experience of interpreting tachograph data.
  • Competitively priced – our transparent pricing structure is one of the most competitive in the market and includes ALL driver and vehicle uploads and reporting.

How can I get more information?

For more information on the tachograph services available please contact us


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