Penalty charge notices (PCNs)

FTA recognises that operators can be inundated with Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for parking, unloading and moving traffic contraventions. Changes to the Traffic Management Act give local authorities responsibility to enforce restrictions, making it essential that those operators affected have a system in place to manage, monitor and ultimately minimise the amount of parking fines issued.

 FTA's PCN Administration Service will monitor, administer and challenge the PCNs issued to your company. Significant patterns that arise will be highlighted through our easy-to-use online reporting.


  • Saves time and frees up staff to do other duties
  • Peace of mind that PCNs are professionally monitored and controlled
  • A dedicated experienced administrator dealing with your PCNs


  • Any driver training requirements
  • PCN ‘hotspots’ in order to avoid these areas
  • Significant patterns arising from PCN issues, leading to possible rescheduling of deliveries
  • 24 hour visibility of your account

To find out more about the Congestion Charge PCN level rises from TfL, please click here.

Identifying PCN 'hotspots'

Warden issuing a penalty charge notice (PCN)

By recognising 'hotspots' through regular reporting, FTA's PCN experts will liaise with you to work out ways to reduce your PCNs which may mean rescheduling deliveries, training drivers or working with the authority in question to overcome the challenges that lead to PCNs being issued.

 “We have been using FTA's PCN Administration Service for over two years now. We've seen a steady reduction in PCNs year-on-year and this is after a significant initial saving. The PCN team are diligent, professional and commited to reducing PCNs.”
Peter Oakshott
Road Risk Manager
The Post Office

Reports and trends relating to 'hotspots' are available through Vision and will provide you with information on:

  • drivers with high numbers of PCNs
  • the authorities issuing the most PCNs
  • commonly used PCN codes
  • which PCNs have been appealed, cancelled or rejected
  • trends in PCN volume, cost savings and amount spent

Shop produces a Penalty Charge Notice pad for your drivers to document and record any PCNs

How can I find out more?

Contact us directly for more information.

Learn more about penalty charge notices and the Traffic Management Act

Learn more about the Congestion Charge PCN level rises from TfL.



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