FTA Live Drive Pro

With continued emphasis on driver and road-safety together with a constant eye on fuel costs, a need has evolved to support better driving throughout a van fleet. Live Drive Pro is a real-time verbal feedback and coaching technology that helps drivers to understand exactly how they need to drive their vehicle to be both safe and efficient. It is insurer-approved and has been developed by a leading UK cleantech engineering company and adapted from their award-winning Lightfoot® product. 

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How does it work?

Live Drive Pro connects to the vehicle’s engine and constantly analyses how efficiently it is being driven. Inefficient driving is correlated with poor fuel consumption, unnecessarily high emissions, increased accident rates and lower driver well-being.

When Live Drive Pro detects the engine is moving out of its sweet spot efficiency, it gives the driver both visual and verbal alerts to gently nudge them back into a safer, more efficient driving style as quickly as possible. If – and only if – these initial alerts are ignored does the driver receive a violation which is then visible to management in the reporting system.

Because the system works in-cab and in real-time the driver quickly learns more efficient – and safer - driving habits much more successfully than in approaches where retrospective data analysis is used.


“The technology ‘stands – out’ amongst its peers as it utilises both the vehicle’s specific characteristics whilst also leveraging the driver’s human psychology of wanting to constantly improve & do well. Being able to ‘self improve’ within the confines of one’s own vehicle without management intervention is a major plus point. The simple email reports generated ensure that we maintain maximum visibility of performance across the fleet & are able to quickly identify any areas of concern." 

Mark Karkeek, Fleet Manager - South West Water

What are the benefits?  

• Fuel saving of more than 10%
• ‘At-fault’ accidents reduced by up to 50%
• Reduces wear-and-tear to your fleet
• Improves driver well-being
• Effortless administration platform for management
• Supports drivers to achieve against measurable KPIs
• Exclusive FTA member discount

How do i find out more?

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