Our consultancy service is designed to help you meet the demands of today’s logistics industry. So whether you need guidance on legislative changes, help developing solutions or support on specific areas of your operation, we can offer the right service for you.

Why choose FTA consultancy?

  • Unique position within the industry - we’re one of the transport industry’s leading trade associations
  • Unparalleled experience - we’ve got extensive experience in developing industry legislation, benchmarking and research
  • Specialist staff - our team of expert consultants have worked to a senior level in all areas of transport
  • Proven cost savings - we’ve got a track record for reducing costs, improving profits and increasing efficiency

What consultancy services can I choose from?

Every operation is unique, which is why we provide a bespoke service suited to your needs.
Hover over the consultancy types below to learn about each service.

Consultancy tips and advice

View our handy consultancy tips for advice on a wide range of logistics issues.

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How do I get more information?

Please contact us for information on any of our consultancy services

Alternatively, you can download our FTA consultancy brochure for more information.



  • What does this service include?

    Our compliance and best practice consultancy service includes:

  • What does this service include?

    Our fleet management consultancy service includes:

    • Best-value reviews
    • Workshop audits
    • Grey fleet reviews
    • Road risk management
  • What does this service include?

    Our logistics and supply chain consultancy service includes:

    • Transport strategy modelling
    • Transport efficiency reviews
    • Benchmarking
    • Evaluation of in-house versus third party contracts
    • Transport software appraisal and selection
    • Tendering and contract selection
    • Warehouse methods and procedures
    • Preparation of contractor supply agreements
    • Preparation of key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Pricing and rates structures
    • Inventory management
    • Supply chain strategy

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  • What does this service include?

    Our strategy and business issues consultancy service includes:

    • Supply chain strategy
    • Depot reviews
    • Pay structure reviews 
    • Best value reviews
    • Supply chain and warehouse management
    • Risk management
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Organisational skills
    • Vehicle utilisation
    • Audit of Systems Maintaining Roadworthiness (ASMR)
  • What does this service include?

    Our technical and engineering consultancy service includes:

    • Engineering and workshop management
    • Engineering investigations
    • Design and layout of access/service roads, turning and parking areas and loading bays
    • Evaluation of ancillary equipment design and specification
    • Workshop design, equipment and layout
    • Fleet maintenance contracts
  • What does this service include?

    Our carbon and environmental consultancy service includes:

  • What does this service include?

    Our team of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs) deliver the following services:

    • 'Health check visits' to ensure you're aware of the rules that apply to products you're manufacturing or transporting
    • Visits to monitor compliance with legislation, complete with annual performance report
    • Quality assurance to ensure any in-house DGSA is kept up to date
    • Guidance on operations via sea (IMDG) and air (IATA/ICAO)

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  • What does this service include?

    Our health and safety consultancy service includes:

    • Legal compliance
    • Site safety
    • Compliance management
    • Operational issues
    • Loading and unloading activity
    • Site layout review
    • Review of procedures
    • Vehicle movements

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