Driver Agency Excellence Certification Process

Once signed up for Driver Agency Excellence, you will be taken through the following process.

1) Statement of intent
Participating agencies sign the statement of intent detailing the standards of the scheme, core processes and requirements.

2) System audit
FTA then organise a thorough, independent audit of the agency’s systems. Areas audited include core business, driver recruitment and driver management standards.

3) Customer feedback
Members of the scheme are required to seek agreement to supply the contact details of active customers, and FTA will then send a short email reference request covering the performance of the agency and drivers supplied within the last 12 months.

4) Complaints process
Once certified, customers can pursue complaints beyond the agency in question which will be investigated by FTA and any findings considered by the Governance Group (see below).

If you would like to log a complaint, please click here.

5) Governance Group and Standards Committee
The Governance Group comprises the founding driver agencies of the scheme. Its role is to consider applications, audit performance, reference results, complaints and any other detrimental information. The group is accountable to a Standards Committee who act as guardian of the certification standards and an appeals body in relation to membership or complaints.

On successful completion of the certification process, agencies receive a certificate and logo and their contact details are added to the list of agencies on FTA’s website.