Freight by Water (FbW)

Freight by Water (FbW) has joined FTA in a move that will enable FbW to continue its work promoting the use of UK waterways, coastal routes and short sea shipping for freight transportation.

What is Freight by Water?

Freight by Water (formerly known as Sea and Water) is a promotional body and the UK’s official Short Sea Promotion Centre.

It was created in 2003 and has worked to enhance the use of short sea and coastal shipping and inland waterways for freight.

It’s done this through information provision in the form of a website and database of water freight services and through events aimed at raising awareness of the capabilities of water-based services.

How will this joining affect FbW and FTA members?

FbW will be fully integrated into FTA by creating a distinct membership category for those companies wishing to support the development of water freight. The FbW brand will be retained for FTA’s work in this area.

More information

Visit the Freight by Water website to learn more about the company. Alternatively, if you'd like to find out more about FbW joining FTA, please contact Alex Veitch at