Operator Compliance Risk Score system (OCRS)

What is OCRS?

The Operator Compliance Risk Score system (OCRS) has been developed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as a way of assigning goods and passenger vehicle operators a rating that allows enforcement officers to identify which vehicles are most likely to be non-compliant.

How does OCRS work?

Roadside DVSA officers use historic data to flag operators as having green, amber or red status. Operators with green are more likely to be compliant, and those with red status more likely to be non-compliant and consequently checked by DVSA.

How are the OCRS scores calculated?

There are two scores - roadworthiness and traffic enforcement. These scores are calculated from initial/annual test data, fleet check inspections, roadside inspections and prosecutions. Graduated fixed penalty and DVSA ADR (dangerous goods carrying vehicle) checks are now also included.

Previously, predictive scores were used for new operators. These were based on the type and age of operator licence and size of fleet. DVSA carried out a review of the OCRS system and made significant changes to the way in which the score is calculated; these were introduced on October 1 2012. The changes include:

  • removal of predictive scoring
  • change in targeting priorities
  • OCRS band changes for red, amber and green
  • increase in the rolling period of enforcement record from two to three years
  • weighting factor according to age of event
  • changes to the number of points allocated to each defect or offence
  • inclusion of graduated fixed penalties and ADR in scheme
  • 'straight to red' for the most serious offences or prosecutions
  • changes to timescales of points for prosecutions

How can I get more information?

An FTA briefing note (members only) is available outlining the 1 October 2012 changes to OCRS.

This briefing note assumes a good working knowledge of the OCRS system and more information can be found in the FTA compliance guide: Understanding and managing your OCRS (a members-only document). FTA has also prepared a briefing note explaining the impact on operator risk ratings following recent changes.

Also check out the downloadable documents and links below for more information or visit Shopfta to purchase a poster outlining the changes. FTA members can also get expert advice from our Member Advice Centre.

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