Out-of-hours deliveries

Out-of-hours deliveries to retail premises have the potential to offer significant environmental and social benefits. Out-of-hours deliveries include those at night-time and during the ‘shoulders’ of the day.

What are the benefits of out-of-hours deliveries?

Undertaking deliveries outside of peak periods can have the following operational and commercial benefits:

  • reduced round trip journey times
  • reduced vehicle turnaround times at stores
  • reduced fuel consumption from less time spent stationary, idling in congestion
  • improved shift productivity from drivers and vehicles
  • increased product availability within store
  • less conflict between deliveries and customers on the shop floor

Impact of out-of-hours deliveries on the local community

Noise from vehicle manoeuvring and loading/unloading activity can impact on local residents, which is why hgv movements in urban areas are often constrained by local curfew regulations.

For these regulations to be relaxed, retailers must demonstrate that out-of-hours deliveries will be undertaken with minimal disturbance to local residents, while continuing to meet the needs of the business.

Department for Transport and other guidance on out-of-hours deliveries

FTA has contributed to new Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines on the quiet delivery of goods to businesses outside normal delivery hours. The new guidance published by DfT is aimed at retailers, local communities and the construction sector among other groups, and is based on previous collaboration between FTA, the Noise Abatement Society and DfT. Read the DfT guidance on out-of-hours deliveries.

Code of Practice on Quieter Out-of-Hours Deliveries During the Commonwealth Games (external link).

Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme

The Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme was a collaboration between FTA, the Department for Transport and the Noise Abatement Society. See the results of the scheme

Case study: Sainsbury's Wandsworth trial

Sainsbury's in Wandsworth was one of the first out-of-hours delivery trials. Read the full case study (PDF).

How can I get more information on night-time deliveries?

Use the downloadable documents and links below for more information on night-time deliveries. If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact our Member Service Centre on 08717 11 22 22.

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