Severn Crossing

The Severn bridges represent an important link in the strategic road network, providing direct access between England and Wales. The M4 motorway, of which the bridges form a part, is also recognised as part of the European TEN-T network, providing direct access for Irish and Welsh exports into Europe.

Currently the tolls levied on the Severn crossings are some of the highest in the UK. It is anticipated that the administration of the bridges will be handed over to Secretary of State for Transport in 2018. At this point, the Government has indicated that tolls will be halved (after consultation). The level of income generated by toll paying vehicles in 2014 was £91.4m, halving the tolls will net the Government a surplus of approximately £45.7m, a figure well above the annual operating costs (£13m to £15m).

FTA believes that the handover of the bridges provides an opportuntiy for a review of the current level of charges and the introduction of free-flow technology to promote commercial and private users of the Severn Crossing and Severn Bridge.

Find out more about FTA's priorities for handover of the Severn bridges here.