Road pricing

We support road pricing schemes that benefit businesses and contribute to tackling traffic congestion.

Ways to tackle traffic congestion

Rather than focusing on road pricing to reduce congestion, we believe the Government and local authorities should concentrate on:

  • improving schools transport
  • relaxing delivery curfews
  • finding alternative journeys to work
  • rewarding environmental good practice

FTA's requests for road pricing schemes

Road pricing must help reduce congestion, not raise revenue. Any proposed scheme must show that the benefits of reduced congestion at least equal the costs to business.

The following conditions should also be met.

  • Technology used in any local road pricing scheme should work with any other schemes implemented in the UK and the rest of the EU and use standard vehicle classification in pricing tariffs
  • Demonstrating to the freight industry how the costs and benefits of a road pricing scheme can be measured. We will investigate how to achieve this with other organisations
  • The evaluation of local schemes should include the impact on deliveries to business in the charged area, and the resulting impact on the edge of the charge zone

HGV Road User Levy

The Government is introducing an HGV Road User Levy from April 2014. Read more


Commercial Vehicle Operators' Road Tolling Charter

Through its democratic process, FTA has agreed the conditions that must apply to any future tolling. This is contained in the Commercial Vehicle Operators' Road Tolling Charter.


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