What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is our free service that assesses whether rail freight is an option for you in the UK.

Is FastTrack for me?

The service is ideal for shippers, haulage companies and anyone who has relied on road haulage in the past, but wants see if rail will complement their operation.

Many major companies now use rail successfully in their supply chains, whether for containerised goods or bulk products, linking their import or production points and their distribution centres.

What will my FastTrack assessment include?

We'll provide you with an assessment of:

  • the practicality of rail for your type of shipment, given time and location requirements
  • an estimate of the potential costs
  • the carbon saving that would result

How do I get a free rail freight assessment?

Getting your free FastTrack assessment is easy. Email us at and we’ll send you a form asking you to detail your type of cargo, collection and delivery locations, and time requirements.

At this time, the scheme only applies to domestic movements within Great Britain and includes services connecting the ports for the British leg of international movements.

Extra information

  • All details submitted will be treated as commercially confidential and non-binding
  • Costs provided are for illustrative purposes only and should not be taken as a formal offer of service
  • FastTrack is provided in partnership with Intermodality

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