Scottish Supply Chain Forum

The Scottish Supply Chain Forum (SSCF) addresses supply chain issues from a Scottish perspective.

What does it do?

The SSCF addresses issues affecting Scotland's supply chain, including:

  • internal strategic Scottish developments
  • Scotland's connectivity with the rest of the UK
  • international supply chain issues

The Forum works to inform Scottish and UK public policy formulation through private submissions and public lobbying. This relates to public policy issues arising from the Scottish Government, the UK Government and the EU (as they impact Scotland or its supply chain) and their associated regulatory bodies.

The group also shares information across the industry to promote best practice and optimum use of services and infrastructure

Who can join?

If you're an FTA member with an interest in supply chain matters affecting Scotland, then you can join at no cost. Non-members may be able to participate on an invitation basis if it's judged they will add to the meeting

What current issues is the SSCF discussing?

  • Scottish infrastructure investment plans: road, rail, ports, airports
  • Ports issues: service issues / market trends / international connectivity
  • Strategic road and rail operational issues within Scotland
  • Air freight issues: operational issues at Scottish airports, market trends in UK and international connections, UK/EU/global regulatory issues
  • English, pan-UK and European rail freight developments: infrastructure enhancements, Network Rail plans

How can I get more information?

If you'd like to learn more about the Scottish Supply Chain Forum, please email Chris MacRae at You can also use the downloadable documents and links below for additional information.

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