Managing your transport costs

We've developed the following features to help you manage your transport costs.

Fuel Support Guide

Our Fuel Support Guide offers you practical advice on managing costs, plus providing you with legislative information and training opportunities. Read our guide on managing fuel costs

Fuel fractions table

For help calculating your annual fuel costs, we've developed a fuel fractions table. The table shows your fuel costs as a proportion of the total annual vehicle and driver costs for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).
View our fuel fractions table

Example of how to calculate your fuel cost percentage

A 44 tonne artic runs 85,000 miles a year, 31.6 per cent of its total costs are fuel.

If diesel prices have risen by 4.2 per cent over the last year, the total vehicle operating costs will have risen by 1.3 per cent (excluding any other changes in costs).

31.6% x 4.2% = 1.3%

Cost Information Service

If you'd like regular information on fuel prices, vehicle operating costs, wages trends and trends in road haulage rates, then you may benefit from subscribing to our Fuel Price Information Service or the Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs

For more information on managing your fuel and transport costs, please use the downloadable documents and links below.

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