Cost Information Service

""FTA’s Manager’s Fuel Price Information Service is our bible at the moment for current rate negotiations.""

Ken Macleod
John G Russell (Transport) Ltd

What is FTA's Cost Information Service?

Our Cost Information Service is an additional subscription service available to FTA members that helps you control and benchmark your transport costs.

How does it work?

The Cost Information Service consists of the following essential tools:

The Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs

This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs with quarterly updates on:

  • wages trends

  • vehicle operating costs

  • haulage rate trends

as well as costs forecasts and information on warehouse costs trends and advice on how to manage costs.

The guide is available in pdf format which is emailed to subscribers and key data is updated on a quarterly basis.

Download the infographic on the latest quarterly report

The Manager's Fuel Price Information Service

This email-based service keeps you informed of current and forecasted fuel prices and will help your business set sustainable prices for transport services. It includes:

  • weekly emails on average bulk diesel and gas oil and forecourt fuel prices in the UK

  • emails with links to monthly fuel sheets detailing the average monthly bulk diesel price prepared by Portland Analytics Ltd

  • emails on average forecourt diesel prices for the previous month across the European Union member states

  • updates on UK fuel duty rates (when changes are announced)

What are the benefits?

Benefits of our Cost Information Service include:

  • Regular information to help control costs and facilitate planning

  • Guidance on trends in rates, transport and premises costs

  • A stronger negotiating position to secure the best rates possible

  • Access to advice and analysis from FTA's Cost Information Team

How do I subscribe?

Call our Member Service Centre on 03717 11 22 22* for more information. Alternatively please email

Download the application form.

Further information

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