LCRS Award Winner 2017

Howdens Joinery Ltd

Howdens demonstrate a co-operative approach to their carbon reduction, a plan which not only includes their vehicle and driver fleet but one in which shareholders, employees, customers, end users and suppliers all have an important role to play. 100 per cent of timber used in their manufacturing processes is FSC certified, their sites are heated by 11 biomass boilers and 97 per cent of their waste (19,000 tonnes) was reused or recycled in 2016.

Telematics are used to monitor drivers and score their performance on fuel efficiency and safe driving style. It also highlights less desirable driving traits such as harsh breaking, over accelerating and excessive idling. Drivers are debriefed daily on their telematics scores and each site publishes A-G ratings of all drivers in a league table on local notice boards. Drivers at the bottom of league tables receive performance related training based on remedial requirements, this coupled with peer pressure promotes self-improvement.

Howdens have a fleet of 25 Tallboy trailers which carry 33 per cent more product than standard trailers, and following successful trials are now fitting them with aerodynamic deflectors which should yield a fuel saving of 7 per cent. The company are currently preparing to trial the first LNG spark plug ignited 400BHP Iveco 4x2 vehicle and have received a grant to trial an innovative Kinetic Energy Recovery system on 10 of their trailers, which has the potential to save 30 per cent of the fuel consumption.

They encourage inbound deliveries of products to use rail where possible and in 2016, 93 per cent of their European freight was transport by rail, saving 9000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.