Ceva case study

Ceva lifts the roof on mega cube containers

For one of its contracts, carrying popcorn and confectionery, Ceva Logistics has invested in three mega-cube trailers to maximise operational efficiency.

Standard trailers are usually specified for the lightweight operation and the move to double decks was impractical due to pallet height. It was found that double stacking the pallets was practical but this method left only millimetres of spare side aperture and side loading would require precision fork-lift operation.

The solution, manufactured by Don-Bur, was to introduce a lifting roof. Already at 16’ (4880mm), it wasn’t possible to extend the driving overall height, so the trailer was built with extendable pillars, giving the opportunity to lift the curtain rail by a further 400mm. This additional space provides generous clearance for fork lift side loading. When loading is complete, the roof can be simply lowered again back to the maximum overall driving height.


By introducing the 3 mega-cube trailers, Ceva Logistics has effectively doubled the trailer capacity and therefore halved the delivery frequency. As a result, they have saved 30,898 litres of diesel per annum and a resultant 81 tonnes of CO2 emissions.