Ceva lifting deck fleet case study

Ceva expand lifting deck fleet to reduce CO2 emissions

Ceva Logistics has invested heavily in trailers designed to maximise operational efficiency. Many companies concentrate on fuel efficiency in areas such as aerodynamics, tractor unit specification and driver training; however, Ceva has incorporated another, potentially more productive area for their operation: cube.

The advantages of maximising cubic capacity can far exceed any benefits achievable in other areas. The concept is simple: increase payload volume and reduce delivery frequency, hence less mileage, less fuel, less time and, perhaps just as importantly, less CO2 emissions. Additionally, fewer deliveries means reduced fleet holding, offering further significant savings on insurance, maintenance and the physical space to park them up.

True, larger, generally double decked trailers cost more to acquire, but the initial hit is rapidly paid back. An aerodynamic trailer saving 10% in fuel is a considerable achievement, but a trailer carrying almost double the capacity of a standard trailer will save considerably more.

As an example, assuming an average delivery distance of 300 miles, a 26-pallet standard trailer will need to make 250 deliveries to transport 6,500 UK Pallets and will consume 36,861 litres of diesel at a cost of £33,544. A double deck carrying 50 pallets however need only make 130 deliveries to transport the same payload. Even if a double decks fuel consumption is 20% worse than its lower height, single deck counterpart, it will still consume 23,863 litres of fuel and save 12,998 litres. More significantly, it will emit 34 tonnes less CO2. As the trailer makes 120 deliveries less, this also provides an opportunity to reduce fleet holding.


Ceva Logistics has fully embraced this concept with two of its larger contracts. Don-Bur box van trailers with fully hydraulic Lifting double decks were specified for both contracts, which not only provide almost double the cube but significantly reduced loading time as well. Whereas many operations might slope the front of the roof to improve aerodynamics, Ceva has opted to retain and utilise this valuable space by introducing a secondary fixed deck over the step area.

Stuart Wardlaw, Engineering Director at Ceva Logistics says ‘Ceva’s responsibility to the environment is taken very seriously. We have had to invest more heavily in the technology but the solution offered by double deck trailers provides significantly greater rewards and we estimate that the use of Lifting Decks on these two contracts alone will reduce CO2 emissions by 991 tonnes per annum and reduce operational fuel cost by £343,020.’