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November 2017

E-news 21 November - FTA provides evidence to MEPs on Brexit and land transport

On 22 November, FTA was the only UK-based association invited to provide evidence to the European Parliament Transport Committee’s hearing on the impact of Brexit on land transport. The Deputy Chief Executive, James Hookham, briefed Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on border issues that could disrupt supply chains, both in the UK and in mainland Europe. He also made MEPs aware of potential restrictions (quotas) on international haulage between the UK and the rest of the EU if an agreement is not found to replace current market access arrangements. Specific attention was also paid to Ireland’s situation and the importance of protecting fluidity at the border was underlined. Data provided by FTA was also mentioned several times during the subsequent debate. Many questions and comments from MEPs focused on the border challenges, especially Dover-Calais.

This event is important in raising the profile of FTA members’ interests in Brussels and we will further engage with key policy makers to ensure that needs of industry are well understood. James Hookham’s presentation to MEPs may be viewed here.

E-news 1 November - FTA leads EU brief on customs for industry task force

Last week, FTA published a comprehensive 10-step paper outlining the crucial elements needed to ensure the smooth continuation of trading conditions following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The report, 10 ways to make customs borders work after Brexit, provides practical, achievable suggestions for steps that Government and industry can take to reduce delays at UK-EU borders.

Also last week, FTA and the Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI) co-ordinated a pan-European delegation of logistics bodies which met with representatives of the chief EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier’s European Commission task force in Brussels; we talked through the logistics industry’s key concerns over a potential ‘no deal’ Brexit. The meeting stressed to Mr Barnier’s team the importance for both sides of continuing the free-flowing movement of goods across borders, and urged both sides at the negotiating table to take steps to consider trading requirements now, rather than waiting until the last minute to decide solutions.

October 2017

Press release 18 October - European Business needs a Seamless Customs Transition to avoid a Heavy Blow from Brexit

Brexit Transitional Period must be agreed as soon as possible to protect EU and UK competitiveness and ensure a frictionless customs and trade environment can be maintained, say top European businesses and trade bodies.  Some of the biggest EU business and trade bodies, covering economic activities from raw materials and agriculture, transport and logistics to technology providers, financial services, veterinary services, wholesale and retail, strongly urge EU and UK negotiators to put legal certainty and predictability for business and trade at the top of their negotiating agenda. Read the press release.

e-news 11 October – FTA issues checklist for no-deal Brexit to ‘Keep Britain Trading’

As the fifth round of talks with the EU over Brexit got underway this week, the Treasury published White Papers on trading and customs agreements to be implemented in the event of a no deal outcome to the talks on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. FTA has issued its list of conditions which it says are required to Keep Britain Trading, read the press release here.

Press release 9 October – Supply chain warnings are sense not scaremongering

FTA has urged British and EU negotiators who are meeting in Brussels to heed the warnings from traders and logistics operators on both sides of the Channel, that post-Brexit arrangements will need time and effort if the continued smooth passage of trade is to be established.  For this reason, FTA is calling on both sides to recognise that transitional arrangements should be a priority in the negotiations, and on Mr Barnier to advise the EU-27 heads of state and government to review his mandate accordingly later in October. Read the press release

Press release 5 October – Logistics given key role in shaping Welsh economy post-Brexit

With the UK’s exit from the European Union now less than 18 months away, the role of an efficient logistics sector in delivering a healthy Welsh economy has been recognised by the inclusion of the Freight Transport Association at the first meeting of a new Welsh working group. Read the press release.

Press release 2 October – Set financial standing rates in pounds not euros after Brexit

The logistics industry has been spared a further rise in the amount of financial standing required for operators to continue trading next January by a matter of weeks, thanks to a bounce in the strength of the pound in September.  But FTA has said that the UK should be setting its own rate - or even completely review the financial standing system against which logistics operators are deemed to be operationally viable - after Brexit on 29 March 2019. Read the press release.

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