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July 2017

Press release 21 July - Logistics industry must be involved in Brexit trade deal negotiations

FTA has said it is crucial that Britain walks away from EU Brexit negotiations with a trade deal - and the logistics industry must play a part in negotiating the agreement. Read the press release.

E-news 19 July - Brexit: Great Repeal Bill published

Members will be aware from the news that the Government has published the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, otherwise known as the Great Repeal Bill. This is the legislation that will allow for the UK’s exit from the EU on 29 March 2019. On that day, the 1972 European Communities Act will be repealed, ending the supremacy of European legislation in the UK and the authority of the European Court of Justice.

The new Act of Parliament, when it comes into law, will essentially take a snap-shot of all legislation currently in force, or already published but not yet in force, and transpose it into domestic UK legislation in one go. It is not envisaged that any legislation will be changed at this point which means that businesses and individuals are given legal certainty that the rules in place will be the same the day after Brexit as the day before.

Detailed Parliamentary discussions are expected to take place in the Autumn but FTA is already taking a central role in advising civil servants inside the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) and has begun to contact MPs to arrange meetings to brief them on key policy points.

E-news 19 July - Brexit: second round of talks gets underway

As the latest round of Brexit talks began this week, FTA said that the negotiations needed to move ahead quickly to compensate for the delay caused by the General Election. There have been reports that the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, will stray from the official agenda this week to discuss import quotas. FTA has said that negotiators on both sides must rapidly find a common view on topics in the first phase of negotiations to speedily move on to issues such as trade, transport, customs, and transitional arrangements. Other key issues to be discussed are citizens’ rights – bearing in mind 13 per cent of drivers and 26 per cent of warehouse operatives are EU nationals – and the Irish border.

FTA is regularly consulting its members on Brexit and has created a manifesto outlining its key concerns, which can be read here.

June 2017

Press release 12 June - FTA urges customs rethink at the Welsh Assembly

FTA has called on the Welsh Assembly to pressure the new national government to review its decision to leave the EU Customs Union.  This call comes following the confusion caused by the results of the General Election, a lack of a clear mandate from British voters and the diminished chances of securing a frictionless trade deal with the EU. Read the press release

Press release 9 June - FTA urges customs rethink following General Election

FTA has called for the new Government to review its decision to leave the EU Customs Union, given the confusion caused by the results of the General Election and lack of a clear mandate from British voters. Read the press release.

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