How fuel duty rises are affecting people's lives

The rise in fuel duty is having a profound effect on people's lives and businesses throughout the UK. Here are just a few examples.

Business experiences

Brian from Dromore

The knock on effect of fuel prices has increased our fuel bill by over 75% on the fuel costs alone, raw material costs have also increased again due to the cost of transportation, In this current climate the possibility to increase prices to cover this increased cost and remain competetive is virtually nil, the fact that fuel companies themselves regularly post record profits is galling when everyone using their product is struggling to make ends meet add into that equation the immoral tax imposed by the government on fuel, the scenario is easy to imagine, unless the government and the fuel companies start acting sensibly there will be no recovery from the recession but again there are those in government who would prefer that everyone stay on their knees.

Matt from Alfreton

Motorway services are touching £1.50 p/lt in some areas its more. My fuel card price up another 1.3p for next week(01.05.11). That makes it £1.44 with the VAT X 1000 ltrs I use a week = BANKRUPT if this dont change VERY SOON. FACT! I am now taking less than £200.00 a week in wages, because there is nothing left in the bank after the fuel has been paid. Would you go to work all week, 5 nights away from home, take £10 to live off for the week, have all the worries and hassle of running a business for £200.00 quid - NO you wouldnt, so why expect me to. The only thing thats changed is the fuel prices, my fuel costs have gone up 16p p/ltr since Jan 2011, my customers WONT PAY anymore, they carnt afford to! There won’t be a UK haulage industry left soon if you dont help us. Then again who wants trucks on the roads anyway?

Mike from Carbost

As a direct result of fuel price increases my overall charges have had to be passed on to the customer , resulting in an overall loss of business.As I live on Skye to do anything you have to travel, as of today 29/04/2011 price per ltr is 151.9 in Inverness it is 140 and the south think they are hard done by.Any small business can not absorb these price rises.

Jill from Redruth

I cannot put my prices up to go in line with the hikes in fuel cost. My clients woudn't be able to afford it,which leaves me out of pocket and struggling to pay for for every day cost of living

Ian from Swadlincote

As a small haulage operator, fuel now accounts for over half of my overall costs! It has, on certain jobs, completely wiped out any margin of profit. This is soul destroying when you have to drag yourself out of bed at 2am to deliver food to the supermarkets in the knowledge that you are doing it for bugger all!

Public experiences

Pete from Maidstone

I live in Maidstone and work in Croydon, 38 miles away. Because of the hours I work it is far more convenient, quicker and easier to drive than using public transport, which, at the best of times is overcrowded, unreliable, slower, expensive, impersonal, stressful, noisy, uncomfortable and dirty. 2 years ago I had to take a pay cut because of the current economic situation but the fuel price (in my case diesel) keeps on rising so a higher percentage of my salary goes on fuel, coupled with everything else going up as well (mainly due to fuel prices) I am finding it very hard to buy anything else apart from the essentials. It works out I spend about £250 a month on diesel. When will the dopey governments we elect in this country realise that the more we spend on fuel the less we spend on other stuff that makes economic growth far more important than a few extra £ in the governments coffers.

Lee from Wigan

3 years ago i changed my 2 litre Hyundai to a 1.4 car now this year 20011 iv had to change it again to a 1.2 punto and im still struggling i work 6 days a week 4 of them i walk to work (an hours walk) 2 of them go in car when i work til 11pm no wonder more people are moving abroad this country is no longer GREAT britain its RIP-OFF britain

John from Shaftesbury

Yesterday Sunday 26/6/11 I pulled in to fill up on my way home from Oxen to Dorset, at a Total petrol station on the A4 by a roundabout not far from Hungerford. As it advertised diesel at £1.37.9 ltr I thought It reasonable given current prices and didn't know just how far the next petrol station was so I proceeded to a pump that had diesel marked up at £1.43.9 ltr but thought I possibly don't have much choice and that it would be sold to me for the lower price but put a tenner's worth in as I was quite disgusted at the price on the pump but had to get home. Having paid for it and got my receipt I drove off and was caught up by my girlfriend in her car and told her. She said check the receipt to see what price they charged and yes they had charged me £1.43 ltr. A blatant con for which I am now going to try to seek redress.

Joe from Worcestershire

I am 18 and passed my driving test in August 2010 at the age of 17. When I passed fuel was around 116.9 and now in June 2011 I'm paying roughly 134.9! 16p more ! I work full time but being 18 I'm on minimum wage and insurance is in excess of £2,000! The only way to bring that down how ever is to build up NCB so I need to drive. Half of my weeks wages go on fuel, the majority of the rest goes on insurance! I was hoping the fuel stabilizer would help but obviously David Scameron and his colleagues have more important issues to attend... Like spending millions of our money in Libya! They need to sort the problem at home first before abroad!

Joanne from Kings Lynn

I am a disabled mother of two, I cannot use public transport and so rely heavily on my car to get out and about. Due to the increases in fuel even things such as getting the children to their Dad's so they can have respite is difficult. The price of petrol has also impacted on the price of shopping and I find that we are going without many things as we just can't afford them.

Mugford R. from Devonshire

I am a pensioner. I live in a very rural area, with no public transport, except a railway station almost two miles distant. Previously I was able to manage on the interest accrued from savings. That has been wiped out by the banking crisis,(don't tell me it is a global problem, the bankers in this country caused our problems) so my income has been drastically reduced. Our doctors surgery is five miles away, and as pensioners our day trips have had to be stopped. Please see some sense and stop taxing motorists at every stroke. Most people have some (at present) access to vehicles, so it follows that what ever tax is increased the motorist catches it in the neck each time!!