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Fuel Duty Campaign

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Spiralling fuel costs are bad for businesses, hauliers and road users. They have a devastating impact on haulage businesses, their customers and ultimately everyone through the prices on the shelves. Over a number of years as the basic price has increased, so has the duty on fuel, time and time again, adding cost to doing business and stoking inflation. Since 2011 the Government has been persuaded not to press ahead with several planned rises in duty by the efforts of a coalition of organisations in harnessing widespread public anger about the price of filling up. This has left fuel some 12p cheaper than it would have been without the efforts of the campaign. However, fuel is still significantly more expensive in the UK than across almost all of the rest of Europe.

As you can see, the fight is far from over and FTA continues to back the FairFuelUK Campaign; a coalition of logistics organisations, motoring groups and the public, to send a clear message to Government: scrap all planned future duty rises and develop a clear and sensible way of stabilising future fuel prices for the benefit of the economy. The campaign is regularly covered in the media, has set up a formal group of MPs to push for fair fuel inside Parliament and now has 345,000 supporters.

Alongside the FairFuelUK figurehead, Motoring Journalist Quentin Willson, FTA has regularly been in Westminster encouraging our supporters to contact their MP face to face and explain the grave impact of fuel prices on their daily life. Some may misunderstand the importance of fairer fuel to the economy. However, it is vital to every sector of life - from the shop to the NHS to keeping the lights on and beyond.

The cancellation of the duty rise planned for September 2013 and the subsequent announcement of the freezing of fuel duty until after the next General Election, were further wins for the campaign, but there is still a way to go to ensure the security of the UK's economic recovery. FTA believes that now is the time for all stakeholders and Government to come together and find a practical long-lasting solution to the taxation of fuel.

There is still a need to halt future duty rises and push for this long-term practical solution to the impact of fuel prices.

Please browse this website to find out what we are doing, and how you can help.

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