Passenger Transport Information and Compliance Service (PTICS)

What is this service?

The Passenger Transport Information and Compliance Service (PTICS) is designed to provide easily digested and straight forward support for managers and supervisors tasked with the operation of their organisation’s operator licensed PCV fleet.

Is it relevant to me?

PTICS is valuable and specific to all PCV operators including performance and compliance managers, administrators and fleet engineers. PTICS is relevant to major passenger organisations, small coach operators, local authorities and contract organisations.

How does it work?

You`ll receive an easy-to-use guide detailing areas such as operator licencing, permits and road traffic rules. In addition to the guide you will receive access to a dedicated website containing useful tools and resources, various email services and free telephone access to our dedicated team of passenger compliance advisors.

What are the benefits?

As a member of PTICS you'll receive:

  • the latest information to ensure you are kept up-to-date with industry developments
  • expert guidance and support to keep you compliant with the latest industry legislation
  • best practice advice to help with the smooth running of your operation
  • member-only discounts on our products and services

How can I get more information?

Contact Passengerfta on 08702 418 894 for further information on how PTICS can benefit your business.

Take a look at our PTICS guide here.

Download the application form.