Quarterly Transport Activity Survey

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What is the Quarterly Transport Activity Survey?

Our Quarterly Transport Activity Survey (QTAS) is a quarterly survey of business opinion within the logistics sector, based typically on a sample size of around 120 FTA members.  The survey results help to produce an indicator of current and future business sentiment and conditions in the logistics sector and external factors influencing efficiency.  Business sentiment is measured using a percentage ‘balance’ of responses - calculated by subtracting all negative responses to a question from all positive responses.

The survey report is used by:

  • Bank of England and Government departments - at a macro economic policy level

  • the Media - as a snapshot of business views in the sector

  • industry to understand how the experience of individual organisations is reflected more widely across the industry

What can I learn from the survey?

You can identify areas of performance and underperformance within your own business by comparing it to other FTA members.

Where can I get the survey?

FTA members can read the latest Quarterly Transport Activity Survey in our archive below.

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