Model Conditions of Carriage and Storage

What are FTA's Model Conditions of Carriage and Storage?

Our Model Conditions of Carriage is a legally binding contract between carrier and customer about how goods should be transported by road in the UK.

Under common law a vehicle operator can be held responsible for the full value of a load, irrespective of its value. Consequently, they can incur losses from non-delivery or a damaged delivery. The Model Conditions of Carriage protects the carrier and provides exclusion clauses to reflect where responsibility should lie.

FTA’s Model Conditions of Storage follow the same format as the Conditions of Carriage, but relates to goods being stored or warehoused.

How do the Conditions of Carriage work?

The Model Conditions of Carriage is approved by users and providers of road freight, plus the insurers of companies involved in the movement of goods by road. It’s for use by FTA members and non-members.

The Conditions may not be altered or varied in any way except by express agreement in writing between carrier and customer.

The Conditions do not override any Statutory provisions imposed by Law or the application of any applicable International Conventions.

What are the benefits?

Here are just some of the benefits of using FTA’s Model Conditions of Carriage.

  • Helps reduce your Goods in Transit insurance premium 
  • Limits the carrier's liability at £1,300 per tonne on the gross weight of goods lost, delayed or damaged 
  • Recognises the costs parties can incur if involved in civil proceedings in court. Offers Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures.
  • No longer limits the contract to one stage of subcontracting; the carrier doesn’t have to inform the customer of the subcontractor used.
  • Recognises the sensitive nature of carrying dangerous goods and makes clear the carrier will not subcontract carriage of these goods unless authorised by the customer
  • Makes clear that responsibility for loading and unloading rests with the customer and they should compensate the carrier if anything goes wrong as a result of defective equipment or customer negligence

Who uses FTA's Conditions of Carriage?

  • Turners (Soham) Ltd 
  • Magnus Group 
  • Leggett's Transport
  • AMPS

Where can I get copies of the Conditions of Carriage and Storage?

You can access the Conditions in the following ways.